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Soaking Instrumental Worship Music

Allow this beautiful christian instrumental music to bring peace and healing to your soul.
Calm your spirit as you spend time soaking in His presence.

Often we get lost in the busyness of life and find it difficult to become aware of God's Presence. When we stop and focus on Him we allow His refreshing Presence to still our hearts and minds. These beautiful melodies will help usher you into His Presence where you can experience His peace and rest. As you go about your day, allow the music to help you leave your worries at His feet and put on a garment of praise.

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A Selection of Our Instrumental Gospel Music

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This instrumental worship music is perfect for your own personal soaking time with the Lord. Use it as simple easy listening music throughout the day or for your own prayer and worship time.

Click on an album cover below to listen to a variety of our instrumental soaking music available for download.

Deep Calls to Deep

Deep instrumental cd

Gentle instrumental soaking music featuring piano and acoustic guitar. Perfect for soaking and prayer time.

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Seek My Face

Seek My Face - instrumental album

A beautiful journey of worship. Experience an encounter of worship with this instrumental.
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A Time to Dream

A time to dream - instrumental cd

Laid back melodies and the occassional soft sax makes this a great instrumental album.
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Rest - instrumental cd

This beautiful guitar instrumental album will position you in a place of rest to hear His still small voice.

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In the busyness of our lives it is hard to take the time to quieten ourselves to hear that “still small voice”. The Psalmist tells us that his heart instructed him in the night seasons. Let the music quieten your mind so that you can enjoy the stress free life we were designed to live. Take time now to enter into God’s rest.

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"When we stop and focus on Him we allow His refreshing Presence to still our hearts and minds."

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This instrumental song "Rest" is from the album Deep Calls to Deep. Click here for purchasing options.

The Benefits of Listening to Instrumental Gospel Music

Instrumental Christian music is an important genre of music. It provides a perfect backing to our own personal worship time and is a great resource for those wanting to spend time praying and meditating on His Word. It is also perfect as easy listening music as we go about our daily lives. Having Christian instrumental music playing as we go about the day keeps our focus on Him and remaining in a place of rest in His Presence.

Personal Worship Time

Using instrumental music as a backing to our own personal time with God is a great way to create an environment for encounter with Him. Sometimes our regular Christian worship choruses don’t provide the right environment for our own personal encounter with God as they are often busy. Instrumental worship music provides a quiet environment for hearing His voice and soaking in His presence. This music allows the mind to stay focused on God and hear the whispers of His heart.

When there are no words to the music, it opens the door for our own personal songs of worship to flow. Instrumental worship provides a simple foundation for our own praise to come forth. As you listen, allow the melody of your own heart to have expression as you listen to these instrumentals. Listen to Deep Calls to Deep instrumental.

Soaking Prayer and Meditation in His Presence

When we are meditating on His Word, instrumental music keeps us engaged in His Presence. Often while we listen to the music it is easier to pray as we pour out our hearts to Him. The instrumental music provides a unique environment for our own personal declarations, soaking, prayer and meditation. God delights when we talk (pray) to Him. This is what prayer is – dialogue with God.

Playing Christian instrumental music softly in the background provides space for us to pray aloud and read the Bible which would not be possible if listening to worship songs with words. The simple melodies and orchestration provides an ideal platform for prayer and devotion with Him. As you listen to this music, our prayer is that you receive a new level of revelation as you meditate on His Word and spend time with Him. Listen to Time to Dream album.

Easy Listening Music

Playing instrumental music throughout the day keeps our focus on Him and in a place of rest in His Presence. It is perfect music to “do life” to. Instrumental worship music gives us a conscientious awareness that He is with us throughout the day. Whatever we are doing, wherever we are, instrumental gospel music can become the soundtrack we live our life by.

Easy listening music can be used at home, at work, driving through traffic or even going to sleep. It simply turns our focus back to God and reminds us to stay connected with Him throughout the day. Just listening to anointed music, wherever we are, whatever we are going through restores our peace and perspective. It allows us to experience His Presence throughout the day and stay in fellowship with God. Listen to Peace album.

As you listen to these instrumentals, allow His sweet presence to refresh your soul. Let His still small voice speak to you today as you spend time with Him.

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Listen online to more instrumental worship music. These songs provide the perfect background of peace for your own soaking time in His Presence.
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Relaxing in His Presence

Let this soft music calm and soothe your soul. These acoustic guitar instrumentals provide gentle stress therapy and an environment of rest.
Healing for the soul

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"While being at one of life´s crosspoints and under a lot of pressure, I was looking for instrumental music online, preferably Christian...I decided to look for something more pure and relaxing to my spirit. I found you guys. And I immediately calmed down, The Holy Spirit started to minister to my situation and I saw the way out."

- Lemme Bogatkin, Estonia

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