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Anointed Worship Music

The Power of Anointed Worship Music

You can sense the presence of the Lord on music that is anointed. Music should be more than just songs - it can become a vehicle into the heavenlies. Anointed worship can only ever be birthed out of a heart of worship. It cannot be concocted or derived. The presence of God is never something we work up - it is something that comes down. When we soak in anointed music, the presence and power of God becomes manifest in our lives, and we are changed.

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The Power of Anointed Worship Music

By Dr. David K. Blomgren

Breaks Spiritual Bondages

1 Samuel 16:23. This passage records Saul as being in spiritual bondage to an evil spirit. David played an anointed song on his harp, and the evil spirit departed from Saul. Anointed music caused the power of the enemy to be broken and his spiritual bondage to be loosed. The same power of God accompanies anointed christian singers today whose spiritual songs can bring deliverance from the devil. This power can also be released through "songs without words" - not only ministry in song but deliverance ministered on musical instruments without words. It is the “anointing” which breaks the yoke (Isa.10:27).

Brings Spiritual Victories

Hosea 2:14-18. The prophet Hosea prophesies that in times of restoration God’s people will again spiritually face the Valley of Achor (Heb., “trouble”) as did the Israelites (Joshua, ch.7). There Achan had sinned grievously which had caused the defeat of God’s people at Ai. The prophecy here is that God’s people in New Testament times would “…sing there, as in the days of her youth” (Hosea 2:15). The days of Israel’s infancy when she sang, refers to the time when Moses and Miriam led the people in spontaneous, new songs unto God besides the Red Sea (Exodus, ch.15).

The promise is made that God’s people will sing new songs of victory unto the Lord in times of trouble as they confront the enemy and will not suffer defeat as did the Israelites. The Lord will “…break the bow and the sword and the battle out of the earth, and will make them to lie down safely”. (Hosea 2:18). God has purposed victory and peace as we sing songs of victory.

Brings Us Closer to the Lord

Song of Solomon 2:12-14. This passage, speaking prophetically of the end time where the coming of the Bridegroom is anticipated, describes it as a “time of the singing” (2:12). The cry of god’s heart is given, “let me hear thy voice, for sweet is thy voice” (2:14). As we sing spiritual songs unto the Lord, our voice is sweet to Him.

Verse 14 then mentions the “secret of the stairs” of spiritual ascent to God. We discover the secret of spiritual ascent as we sing spiritual songs amidst God’s people.

Uplifts the Defeated Spirit

Psalms 25:1, “Unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul”. When David was downcast, he began to sing songs of praise unto the Lord. Even when David did not feel like singing, he had disciplined his spirit to sing praise unto the Lord. The result was that his soul was spiritually uplifted when he had sung unto the Lord.

Isaiah 61:3. Isaiah here speaks of our exchanging a “spirit of heaviness” for a “garment of praise”. The Hebrew word for “heaviness” means literally “failing”.

There are times when a believer has a “spirit of failing” and accepts defeat. This person must clothe himself with the Song of Praise as a garment. In the Orient the apparel expressed the mood of the mind. As one fills his mind the mouth with Songs of Praise, the spirit of failing will be stripped off him as a worn-out garment.

In Isaiah 42:3 the spirit of failing and defeat is described under the image of candle wick burning in dimness, ready to be extinguished, “…the smoking flax shall he not quench”. The Hebrew word for “smoking flax” is the same Hebrew word as the spirit of “failing” in Isaiah 61:3. The promise is that the spirit of failing and defeat whose flame seems about to be extinguished will not be allowed by God to be quenched if we clothe ourselves with Songs of Praise.

Brings the Presence and Glory of God Upon a Congregation

11 Chronicles 5:13-14. As the musicians and singers praised the Lord in song, the Temple was filled with the cloud of God’s glory. The priests could not even minister because of the profound presence and glory of God. This was God’s response to the ministry of music in His house. God’s presence is always associated with the praises of His people (Psalms 22:3).

Testifies to Others of the Greatness of God

Psalms 92:1-3. As the believer sings spiritual songs, the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord is shewn forth to others (vs.2). The testifying in song to God’s greatness is exhorted in this passage to be done every morning and every night.

Quickens the Prophetic Word

11 Kings 3:11-16. King Jehoshaphat desired a prophetic word to give him direction. He inquired for a prophet (vs.11), and Elisha was brought forward. Elisha sought for a minstrel to be played, that the hand of the Lord came upon him” (vs. 15). The anointed music quickened the prophetic word to Elisha, and then he prophesied the Word of the Lord. Even a prophet such as Elisha had to have music to quicken the prophetic word.

1 Samuel 10:5-6, 10. A company of prophets are seen as coming down a road, preceded by those who played psalterys, tabrets, pipes, and harps. The result was that by the preceding of anointed music, not only did the prophets prophesy, but the spirit of prophecy came upon Saul, and he also prophesied. It was the presence of music that quickened the prophetic word to Saul and the prophets.

The annointing of God’s Spirit abides within His people (1 John 2:27). One need not wait for the anointing to “hit” him in the service to sing spiritual songs. One releases the anointing by faith.

One of the great blessings of this day is the restoration of spiritual songs to the House of the Lord. Let us with joy sing the Song of Praise unto Him and the Song of the Lord unto His people. As we do so, the Lord will be exalted and His people edified.

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