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Backlinks - Reciprocal Linking for Christian Websites

Submit Your Site here for a Free Link Exchange

Do you have a website and would like a reciprocal link with other valuable, related web sites?

We accept many Christian genres including, Christian ministries, churches, Christian bands & artists, prophetic arts, Christian resources (eg books, dvds, cds, videos, gifts), worship bible studies, soaking prayer worship music, contemporary christian praise and worship music, gospel music and more.

We are happy to link to other quality websites if those sites add value for our many visitors. We review all submissions to ensure they meet our content guidelines. Please note that submission does not guarantee acceptance.

Submission guidelines

1. Appropriate Content - Your website must be "family friendly". We reserve the right to refuse a listing for any suggested site, especially those that contain any inappropriate or questionable content.

2. Please don't submit multiple pages from the same site. If your site has several things to offer, mention this in your description.

3. Quality content. We do our best to provide our visitors with quality content and we prefer to link to sites that do the same. If your site is still under construction or lacks sufficient quality content, please understand if we do not link to your site at this time. (We are happy to consider your site again any time in the future should you wish to re-submit)

4. Link back to The Secret Place - We are happy to link to your site provided it meets our submission guidelines. All we ask in return is that you place a graphic or text link somewhere on your site that links back to our homepage.

Create Your Link to The Secret Place Now

Use one of our ready made links, then return to this page to submit your site for a reciprocal link from us.
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Submit Your Site Link URL

Add Your Christian Praise Worship Music Site Here

If you would like to submit your website link, please email us and provide the following information:

1. URL of your website
2. Name of your site (approx 40 characters)
3. Description (approx 30 words)
4. URL for instructions / graphics for linking to your site
5. Category in which you would like your site to be listed
6. Webmaster's name
7. Email address
8. Location of your reciprocal link to us

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The Benefits Of Reciprocal Linking

The more sites that link to you, the more traffic will flow to your own site

People find nearly as many sites by following links from one site to another as they do by using the search engines. Some well-placed links to your site can be great long-term traffic generators.

Link popularity will increase your search engine position creating greater traffic

Link Popularity is a measure of the number of inbound links to your website. The most important Search Engines today use this to help determine the rank and positioning of your website. The more sites the search engine spiders find linking to your web site the higher the ranking your web site gets. Higher rankings, of course, translate into greater traffic.

Due to the abuse of reciprocal linking by webmasters who solicit reciprocal links solely for the purpose increasing their page rank, the Google search engine no longer considers reciprocal linking a measure of a websites value. We do not engage in reciprocal linking for this purpose. However, we do value reciprocal linking for the purpose of sharing visitor traffic with other quality websites.

Your site will be updated more frequently in the current index

High link popularity will influence Google to spider your site more frequently keeping your site listings more current on Google.

Search engines place higher value on a site that links to other quality sites

Search engines place greater value on sites that link to other sites, especially when their outbound links go to other relevant sites that have valuable content.

Visitors value your site when they follow a helpful link that was recommended by you.

When visitors find what they are looking for by following a link from your site, this adds value to your site, and increases the likelihood of them paying your site a repeat visit.

Best Way to Get Backlinks

How to get one way links to your website or blog

The only way to do this is to have a really good site that people will want to link to - ie organic linking. Until your site warrants this kind of interest, the use of reciprocal linking is the only way to get links and subsequently higher traffic.

Recommended Web Tool Resources

Who links to my website? This is a great tool for finding out who links to your website and where the links can be found.

Create a user account to check backlinks to your site. Check that your backlinks link from a site that has quality content and that these links do not contain a "no-follow" attribute.

Open Site Explorer from SEOmoz
Submit to backlink sites and directories free and make comparisons with competing sites.

Majestic SEO
Check back links and outbound reciprocal links.

Checkbanklink - SEO
Free backlink check.

Yahoo Backlinks
Yahoo backlink checker

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