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Discover contemporary Christian music downloads from The Secret Place. With an emphasis on intimacy and worship, these contemporary Christian songs are sure to capture your heart, and leave you with an enduring sense of His presence, and a hunger for more.

"Other music I'd heard was entertaining, but I wasn't looking for entertainment... I heard in your lyrics and expression of those lyrics, something very intimate, passionate, and pure..."

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"I discovered your music by searching Google for "Christian contemporary music".

Recently my Christian dentist asked me what type of music I listen to. I was lost for words because music had unfortunately been almost completely removed from my life. He replied "Part of being a Christian is worshiping God." This is something I had known, but his words resonated for the next few days.

While seeking for the Lord with all my heart, specifically to be baptised in the Holy Spirit, I've found myself borderline paranoid of inviting polluted things into my life, including Christian music that is anything less than sincere. Much of the contemporary Christian music I'd been exposed to seemed to belong on MTV/BET, but with Christian lyrics slapped on. Other music I'd heard was entertaining, but I wasn't looking for entertainment. I'd all but given up on Christian music. Shortly after my dentist appointment I was inspired to give it one last try and almost cynically typed the most naive phrase into Google I could think of - "Contemporary Christian music". Expecting to find groups of young men with pierced lips and dyed hair, I found your site.

At first I was disengaged by the cheesy 80's synthesizer sound (sorry!), but I heard in your lyrics and expression of those lyrics, something very intimate, passionate, and pure. I have gotten lost in the song "I will praise your love forever". At one point, as the song crescendos, you begin to say "praise" in a way that pulsates like a heart beat, and I find myself longing for the law of sin that I've discovered operating in my heart, infecting my words and actions, to be replaced with this natural pulsating praise through the law of the Spirit (Romans 7 versus Romans 8!) Many times while fighting the temptation of being discouraged while waiting to be filled with the Holy Spirit, I've been brought right back to one of the most basic, and beautiful promises in Scripture: Jeremiah 29:13 “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” Your song "Seek my Face" echoes my most inner thoughts.

May the Lord bless you"
New York City, USA - Used by permission

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"What a joy to see that your heart has been to lean on Jesus's chest and hear His heartbeat and to teach others how to do the same... Lingering with Him - It delights Him so!"

- Anita Hyde, FL

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