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Cannot Play mp3 Files

What to do when you cannot play the mp3 files on your computer

If you have successfully downloaded the songs but are unable to hear them play, then something is probably wrong with your computer’s sound settings or your default media player. The mp3 files themselves are standard mp3s that are able to be played on any computer system anywhere. They are universally acceptable, and are also compatible with any mp3 players on the market.

It is very unlikely that the mp3 files have been corrupted during the download process. However, to remove this possibility, one way to check to see if the files were corrupted during downloading is to try and play any other mp3 files you may have on your computer. If you do not know where your mp3 files are stored, try a simple search on your computer.

Point your mouse down to the bottom of the computer screen and on the task bar click on START / Search / files & folders. In the window that appears do a search for music files by putting “mp3” in as part of the file name. As soon as something shows up in the search results stop the search and see if you can play the file by clicking on it. If you cannot play these existing files on your computer then it is most likely that your current computer configuration is at fault. Either there is something wrong with the way your computer’s hardware is set up (maybe a missing driver?) or your software is at fault. For example, your default media player may be missing a codec.

Whatever the case, there could be any number of reasons why your computer cannot play the mp3 media files. While it is beyond the scope of this help file to fix your computer for you, we can suggest you try any of the following:

If you have successfully downloaded the files but are unable to play them:

1. Try rebooting your computer.

2. Make sure your speakers are turned on and the audio settings are correctly configured for your computer system. Go to START / Settings / Control panel / audio and check your settings. (If you can hear any sound at all through your computer’s speakers you do not need to do this.)

3. Try a different media player. Right click (Ctrl + click if you have a one click mouse) on the file and in the drop down menu that appears select "Open With". A list of options will display. Select the name of the media player you wish to use.

4. Try installing the latest version of Microsoft Windows Media Player. You can obtain Windows Media Player from the following Microsoft Web site: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/download-windows-media-player

5. Try downloading an alternative media player RealOne Player (RealAudio) and WinAmp to name a few. There are many others as well, each having their own unique blend of features. (Apple Macintosh users can use Audion ($20.00), SoundJam, RealPlayer8 or iTunes2 to hear MP3 files.)

6. You can usually do a search online and download missing drivers or codecs for your computer, but we do not recommend you do this unless you know someone who is reasonably experienced in this area, because you may simply create more problems.

We hope the above suggestions help.