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How To Download

If you just need general instructions on how to download mp3s, see the following help file:

How To Download

To Play, Burn or Load

If you have already downloaded the
files but are having trouble playing them, burning to CD, or loading to your iPod / mp3 player, see the following help files:

How to play MP3s
How to burn to CD
Uploading to MP3 player

Still Having Problems?

If problems persist, please feel free to contact us. We usually respond within 24 hours.

Email Us

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Downloading Help

Support For Downloading Albums And Download & Donate

This page is for people who have purchased an Album Download or made a donation for Download & Donate but have been unable to access the downloads page or download the mp3s.

I Cannot Find Where To Get The Downloads

When customers can't download songs this is usually because they did not click on the link at the end of the transaction which takes them to the download page. If you have lost your link, go to the Support page and select your download from the links in the left column.

I've Lost My Password / My Password Has Expired

You will need to email me and I will send you a new password.

How to download files – Step by step instructions

Click here for Step by step instructions on how to download mp3 files to your computer.

Some Of The Songs I Wanted Aren't There

Not all the songs on the albums are available in the Download & Donate program. A preview is available before you make your donation showing what is available. If you purchased an Album Download, all the songs for that album are made available, as shown on the preview page.

Some Songs Don't Have Any Sheet Music Or Chord Charts

Not every song has written music or chord charts. The preview page for each download shows what music files are currently available. If there is a particular song that you really need the music for, let me know, I'll see what I can do.

There Are No Downloads Available At All

"I found the download page, but there are no downloads available."
Refresh the page by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing F5 and wait. If you have a slow internet connection it may take awhile for everything to appear. Sometimes the internet is slow. This is beyond our control. We suggest you try again later and see if it makes a difference.

Clearing Internet Cookies

Clearing your internet cookies can help solve a lot of problems. How To Clear Your Cookies

Money Back Guarantee

We prefer to help people resolve any problem they may be experiencing so they can enjoy our songs, but if you fail to find a satisfactory solution, your purchase will be refunded in full. Alternatively, if you still want the songs but are struggling with the download process, you can request for the CD to be shipped to you instead. A cost difference will apply.

Download and Donate CD

Experiencing difficulty with the Download and Donate process?
For donations of US$10 or more we are willing to mail customers the physical cd containing all 43 songs, at no extra expense. The cd is a data cd (not an audio cd) which means it will not play in a cd player. A normal cd usually only plays about 12 songs, so 43 songs will not fit on an audio cd, that is why they are on a data cd. The cd contains 43 mp3 song files, which can easily be copied onto your computer's hard drive.

Once the songs are on your computer you have the following options:
- Listen to the songs on your computer
- Upload them to your mp3 player
- Burn the songs to several audio cds so you can listen in your car or cd player

Contact us if you would like to make enquiries about this option.