The Secret Place Prayer

Dear Lord God,
Maker of heaven and earth
Lover of men and singer of their songs

Please give me a place to sing Your song
Please give me a place of prayer
Give me a heart for You and You alone
Please keep me for Yourself
I will embrace the veil of solitude as a cherished gift.

Please spare me the applause of men
For I would rather hear the whisper of One saying, "Well done"
Than the thunderous clamour of a thousand worlds like this one.
Please keep me from all earthly accolades
For I would rather have You applauded in the hearts of men.

Please help me keep my artistic integrity, help me to stay true
Keep me from compromise and free from the opinions of others
Help me through the temptation to conform and to be "contemporary"
In order to be on the playlists of those who have determined what we should all be listening to.

Deliver me from the media moguls and the christian entertainment industry
- Your kingdom is not of this world.
Protect me from the influence of ungodly promoters
- those who market Your music on the basis of their projected profit margins.
Keep me from the methods of men, as You have said
And make me to know Your ways.

So give me a secret place.
Hide me under the shelter of Your wings
Far from the madding crowd
Away from those who would auction my soul for the affections of men
And from those who love this world.

May every heart drawn here be captured for You.
May every affection here be reserved for You.
May all who find You here find You, and You alone
And may our hearts be turned.

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