"Deep calls to deep - unless we are willing to launch deep, it will be impossible to reach the depths, the fullness and riches of God. Such deep worship is hardly heard in our days."

- Betty-Edner Ondulo, Japan

"When ever it seems that the battle is raging, I play your music and the anointing breaks that heaviness. When I hear your music I feel the peace and the Light of God shows thru the darkness and my mind is transformed."

- Linda Crow, Ohio, USA

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Deep Calls to Deep - Soaking Music for Contemplative Prayer and Worship

Deep Calls to Deep

Gentle soaking music. One hour of anointed, restful, healing music. A wonderful aid to nurture our desire for more of Him.

... the rich instrumental orchestrations combined with The Secret Place trademark touch of anointed spontaneous song make this a one hour soaking treasure …

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Deep Calls to Deep | mp3
- Deep calls to Deep
- My Soul Longs for You
- Desire Me Lord
- Everything Within Me

Selah 1 | mp3

I Call You Friend | mp3

Selah 2 | mp3

Be Still | mp3

Rest | mp3

Selah 3 | mp3

Zip File | all files

Please note: There are 10 songs listed here on this album, but only 7 mp3 files to download. This is because four of the songs are all together as a medley in the first track. If you have downloaded 7 mp3 files, then you have the whole album - 10 songs and just under an hour of music in total.